I could listen to Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose talk all day. His promos are amazing. And his voice, oh lawd. His voice…


You go back to the night[s] Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero became wrestling champions. You go back to when CM Punk became champion. The night Daniel Bryan became champion. AJ Styles getting the opportunity in TNA to be the man. I think as a wrestling fan, when you see performers or colleagues succeed and you know they are the type of people that have the same love and passion and respect for the business that you do, that’s what you want to see. You want to see those people succeed because you know the right people are making it to the top and then it’s our job to make sure the wrestling industry thrives and continues to grow. - Austin Aries

omg this is HILARIOUS.

This makes no sense WHAT so ever… Candice was/is great. Haters gonna hate.

Where the heck is AJ Styles?????


i miss him on tna :(

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Flashback: Stylin’ & Profilin’ AJ!

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